EALT Award

The European Award of Legal Theory is assigned to the author of the best doctoral thesis in the area of legal theory and philosophy of law. The award entails publication of the thesis by Hart Publishing Ltd (Oxford) and the appointment as a lecturer at the European Academy of Legal Theory, in charge of a seminar for a period of one academic year.

The award will be assigned, as a rule, once every three years, the next time to be in 2018.

Authors should send in their theses before April 1, 2018.

A doctoral thesis competing for this award should meet the following conditions:

1. It was examined after January 1st, 2015, in Europe.
2. The version submitted should be written in (or translated into) Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish.
3. Five copies of the complete thesis should be submitted and ten copies of an English summary of 20-50 pages, before April 1, 2018, to:

European Award for Legal Theory
c/o Prof. Mark Van Hoecke
Universiteit Gent, Department of Legal Theory and Legal History
Universiteitsstraat 4
B-9000 Gent - Belgium

4. The thesis will not be contracted by an internationally operating commercial publishing house before the Award is assigned.

The award is assigned by a jury of seven members, from different countries, the members fairly representing the various sub-disciplines within legal theory and philosophy of law. The jury will be appointed in cooperation between The European Academy of Legal Theory and Hart Publishing.
If the (revised) thesis is written in publishable English, the publisher will pay royalties on the net sales receipt to the author. If language correction is necessary the publisher will pay for this up to a maximum of £ 1500. In this case no royalties will be paid. If the thesis has been written in another language the prize winner will take care of a translation into English, which the publisher then will correct as to the language or provide financing as above.

For additional information, please contact Prof. Mark Van Hoecke or Prof. Mauro Zamboni.

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