10th CEE-Forum 2018 on Constitutional Identity and Social Memories in Central and Eastern Europe
03.05.2018, 09:00  >> 04.05.2018, 19:00

Almost every constitution in Central and Eastern Europe contains the general characteristics of the community that has given itself a constitutional act. These characteristics are most often based on a national or civic approach to the notion of community, the appeal to the belief in God or the remembrance of the fight for independence and the suffering caused by the 20th-century totalitarianism. However, a certain amount of time always passes between the act of establishing a constitution and its future uses. The community faces new challenges and gains new experiences. Therefore, the real subject of the constitution is always already changing. In this context, should the constitution be read traditionally as a narrative about what it is and where the constitutional order came from or should it be read in a more prospective manner, which would aspire to explain what kind of society the community guided by that particular constitution wants to become? Does CEE constitutions’ language prefer one perspective to the other?

What are to be considered strictly legal expressions of constitutional identity? Is it possible to find some deep structure of constitutional identity from a longue durée point of view? What is the relationship between the constitution and collective memories? In what ways does the storytelling of traumas from the communist past contribute to shaping our present-day constitutional consciousness? Those are the main questions that we would like to examine during the 10th Central and Eastern European Forum of Young Legal, Political, and Social Theorists, to be held in Timisoara, Romania in May 2018. We seek to encourage scholars from a wide range of disciplinary fields to reflect on the meaning of constitutional but also national identity.

Central and Eastern European Forum of Young Legal, Political, and Social Theorists
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