Summer Course 2010


The Summer Course on DIVERSITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS has been organized by the University of Palermo PhD Program on Human Rights jointly with the European Academy of Legal Theory, the renowned research centre in the field of Philosophy of Law.
The Summer Course will deal with the role played by the concept of “human diversities” in human rights discourse. This has given rise to controversy in contemporary philosophical reflection as well as in social and political theory. In particular, the relationships between “cultural diversity” and “human rights” have increasingly been a crucial theme in human rights law, rising questions on the universality or culturalrelativity of their meaning and protection, or on the required sensitiveness of human rights courts (and committees) to cultural differences. Diversity does not refer only to cultural diversity, but it can also be based on gender, abilities/disabilities, age, sexual orientation, race, religion. Diversities have been traditionally approached through the lenses of the principle of non discrimination. However, many concerns about the
protection of human diversities involve the need that the State acts in order to recognise difference and diversities. The Summer Course aims at offering some tools for the analysis of these issues starting from different perspectives and accounts, and favouring the interaction between legal practice and philosophy.
Lectures will be followed by debates, and working languages will be English, French and Spanish. More information about inscription fees and deadline will be found on the PhD Program website by mid April 2010.

The Course is open to students holding a first or second level Master degree, PhD students, PhD, Researchers with an interest in legal theory and able to orientate themselves in the subject matters of the courses.

Director of the Summer Course

Prof. Aldo Schiavello

Scientific Coordination

Prof. Massimo Starita, Dr. Pietro Denaro

Scientific Committee

Professors. B. Pasciuta, N. Gullo, S. Pajno, I. Trujillo, F. Viola


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