The academic year comprises three terms:

  • Fall Term (fall semester: course period, compulsory stay at Goethe-University): October - Mid-February
    • Mid-Term Module in 2nd half of February (= optional Mobility Windows: intensive research module or elective module
  • Break: March - Mid-April (time for independent research: draft of master thesis outline)
  • Spring term part 1 (spring semester in Frankfurt/Main: course period at Goethe-University): Mid-April - Mid-May; and/or
  • Spring term part 2 (spring semester at Partner Universities = optional Mobility WIndows: optional mobility windows/course period for dual degree study track at other partner universities: partner universities offer some of the elective modules as a 1- or 2-weeks intensive course/as a full dual degree study track option at the own locations): Mid-May to Mid-July
  • Summer Term ("3rd Term"): no courses and no requirement to stay at the hosting university; dedicated to conclusion of the master thesis: Mid-May/Mid-July - Mid-September

Courses and seminars during fall term and during the first part of spring term are organised at Goethe-University in Frankfurt/Main - Faculty of Law.

However, at the beginning of the acacemic year, in February, and during the second half of spring term participants have the (optional) possibility to participate to follow study modules at other partner universities in Europe (mobility windows).

From May/July (dependig on the individual choice of electives and/or mobility options) until September, students will carry out independent research while working on their master thesis, either at GU Frankfurt, at one of the 3rd term research network partner institutions or at home (for details see section "mobility windows").

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