Global Constitutionalism

Westphalian constitutionalism has shaped our understanding of politics, socio-political institutions and personal and political freedom for centuries. It is historically based in the foundations of Western modernity, such as humanism and rationalism, and is organized around familiar principles of national sovereignty, the rule of law, the separation of powers and democracy. But since the end of the 20th century global...» more...

Call for Applications

The Institute for Interdisciplinary Legal Studies at the University of Lucerne is pleased to announce the call for applications for its Young Scholar Visiting Fellowship scheme for 2018.

The fellowship programme is part of our mission to promote international and interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange. Fellows are invited to spend an extended period at the institute, during which they can share...» more...

The most recent book of EALT's honorary president Francois Ost, entitled "À quoi sert le droit ? Usages, fonctions, finalités" has been published at Bruylant, Brussels.

For more details see the


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