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Best Master Thesis Award (sponsored by Thémis Geneva)

The first winner of the Thémis Award for the best master thesis together with Academy president Mark Van Hoecke during the award ceremony at Goethe University in Frankfurt in November 2015:Thomas Weber won the prize in the academic year 2014/15 for his paper on "Does the Economic Analysis of Law Mean an Economisation of Jurisprudence? Effects of the Economic Approach to Law from a Social Theory Viewpoint".

Graduates' Comments on the Master's Course

Karolina Zawada, graduate of 2014/15

Personally, it was liberating to observe how much controversy there is even between established scholars. It was liberating to realize that some of the obstacles in academic research are very common and that there are wrong ways to do academic research, but to a greater extant there are also multifarious ways to do good research. The LL.M. offers a unique platform supporting young scholars in finding their own research interests and research questions.

Thomas Weber, graduate of 2014/15

I finally applied for this LL.M. because it was the most diverse programme I could find. While other universities were focusing on specific areas of legal theory the European Academy had a whole variety of different subjects from classical philosophy to sociology and law and economics. In addition I was very much attracted by the different options to attend modules at other universities.

Lamija Muftić, graduate of 2014/15

... I feel I am leaving enriched with a much broader perspective of both classical legal theory and current debates. The mixture between academic excellence offered by the programme, international experience both in regard to the lecturers and students, the possibility of elective modules abroad and the beautiful campus of the Goethe University together make a perfect study opportunity.

Felipe Tenorio Obando, graduate of 2014/15

... fortunately, I found the LL.M hosted by Goethe University and ran by the European Academy of Legal Theory, which has a broad approach to law: from Ancient Greece to contemporary legal issues, from anthropology to economic analysis of law, being all addressed within the programme. In addition, the very attractive elective modules offered by the Master allows to discover other lines of thought and academic environments all around Europe.

Carlos Gálvez Bermúdez, graduate of 2014/15

For me, it was a strong asset that the academic programme offers an open overview of the diversity inside the contemporary discussion of legal theory that covers different schools, topics and approaches. The diversity around the topics, the opportunity to discover the academic life of different universities, the coherent structure of the academic programme (with a really interesting structure between compulsory and elective modules) and the variety of a really well known academic staff were a strong advantage that influenced my decision of applying to the programme.

Antonios Andreou, graduate of 2014/15

Furthermore, it is imperative to mention that the programme is brilliantly supported by the amazing facilities of the University Campus, one of the most modern and technologically advanced in Europe. In addition to this, one of the biggest assets of the campus, is that it includes two very important institutions; Max Planck Institute for European Legal History and the Cluster of Excellence of Normative Orders. Almost every week, legal scholars around the world gather together and exchange ideas by giving lectures in seminars organised by these institutions. I think it is needless to say how much stimulating and thought provoking these seminars are.