Alumni Network

Welcome to the European Academy of Legal Theory Alumni Network!

The European Academy of Legal Theory counts today more than 200 graduates in the five continents that are spread out in diverse professional domains including legal practice, academia, governmental institutions, international organisations and private entrepreneurship. The Alumni Network aims to foster better communication among graduates, promote exchange of ideas and experiences, share calls and job offers, and organising regular alumni meetings. Faithful to the spirit of the Academy founders, the Alumni network is a step forward in the objective of building bridges, this time among graduates.

The Alumni Network aims to enhance what is already the most comprehensive and important network of Legal Theory graduates in the world. Together with former professors of the Master and newly associated institutions, the Alumni Network of the Academy is seeking to become in the short term a widely recognised graduate association. This will enhance visibility and recognition of the education delivered by the Academy, increase the attractiveness of our students to prospective employers, and contribute to the pride of being an Academy graduate. We want students to highly value their education and contribute to the construction of a truly Alumni community. Our objective is to create a sense of belonging and identification with the central value of the Academy - building bridges. Bridges, according to the “founding fathers” shall be built in three directions: First, between countries, university customs, national cultures and legal traditions; Second, between positive law, law practice and the study of legal theory; and third, between the various branches of the theory of law.

The Alumni Network is also working to provide meaningful benefits to graduates, which already include access to member-only groups in professional and social networks, privileged information on the coming events, and the possibility to join our Ambassador Network. If you want to become an Ambassador please contact the Alumni president. He will provide you with the Ambassadors manual and additional material to be used in your country. In the future Alumni will enjoy access to the online platform, which will include, among others, access to materials from short courses and the master programme, as well as of seminars and conferences organised by the Academy. We expect to steadily expand our benefits in the future.

Inquiries about the Alumni Network should be addressed to its current president David Restrepo Amariles.