EALT Research Network (LLM 3rd-Term Network)

The Academy’s Research Network is a platform for the exchange of reserach activities carried out by the individual network partners in the field of legal theory. It encourages joint initiatives and projects and aims at enhancing related activities. Regular network meetings in close relation to the Academy’s Master’s Course allow for mutual exchange and information and for the inclusion of the legal theory master students in the academic community and networks.

In particular, the research network organises and offers research internships for the Academy’s LL.M.-students during the 3rd term (summer term free of course obligations). LL.M. students can thus opt for carrying out independent research on their master thesis at one of the participating international centers of excellence in legal theory for an individually suitable period of time (e.g. between a couple of weeks up to 4 month between May and September and after completion of the obligatory course requirements).

Currently the following institutions participate in the EALT Research Network and accept applications for research internships by master students currently enrolled and participating in the Academy’s LL.M.-programme in Legal Theory:

  • all partner universities of the Academy’s LL.M.-programme (GU Frankfurt, BolognaU, ULB Brussels, JU Cracow, LucerneU, StockholmU)
  • Austria: University of Vienna
  • Belgium: Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
  • Czech Republic: Masaryk University Brno
  • France: Sciences-Po Paris, University of Aix-Marseille
  • Germany: GU Frankfurt, FU Berlin
  • Italy: University of Bologna, European University Institute Florence (EUI), University of Palermo
  • Netherlands: University of Groningen
  • Poland: Jagiellonian University of Cracow
  • Serbia: University of Belgrade
  • Sweden: Stockholm University
  • Switzerland: University of Lucerne, THEMIS Geneva
  • Spain: University Pompeu Fabra Barcelona
  • Turkey: Kocaeli University Izmit
  • UK: University of Oxford

Current Academy master students interested in a 3rd term research mobility have to consult with the LL.M. programme director at GU Frankfurt/Main.