Graduate Network in Legal Theory

The European Graduate Network in Legal Theory is a joint initiative by the
  • collaborative PhD programme 'Globalisation and Legal Theory' of the Universities of Antwerp, Glasgow, and Tilburg and
  • the Academy's Master's Course in Legal Theory.

The initiative is open for collaboration with other international master programmes in jurisprudence (e.g. with those listed in the link box on the right).

The objective of the network is to create mutual advantages and synergies between the (joint) programmes. Together they offer attractive complementary international graduate study programmes both at master and doctoral level.

The Network fosters cooperation between the LL.M. and PhD programmes. Potential areas of cooperation are in particular:

  • Student Exchange: a selected number of students participating in the Academy's LL.M. program is regularly invited to participate in the training programme offered by the PhD consortium. Conversely, researchers of the PhD programme participate in short-term mobility windows offered by the LL.M. programme; this exchange is subject to mutual tuition waivers;
  • Teacher Exchange: teachers from the PhD programme give guest lectures during LL.M. courses; in return, members of the teaching faculty of the LL.M.-programme may participate in the teaching activities and academic events of the PhD programme;
  • Research Support: the PhD programme consortium participates in the Academy's Research Network and offers the opportunity to the Academy's LL.M.-students to carry out independent research on the master thesis at one of the centers of excellence of the PhD programme during the summer term (3rd term); teachers of the Academy's LL.M. programme may participate in the (co-)supervision of doctoral theses
  • Exchange of Know-How and Joint Academic Activities: the graduate network also forms a platform for the exchange of experience and know-how in the implementaton of joint graduate programmes in legal theory, for the development of further joint academic events like expert talks, workshops, round tables or conferences and for the dissemination of such activities.

Persons from all parts of the world who have first degrees in law, philosophy, the social sciences or other relevant areas of study are invited to apply to the programmes.