CEE Forum

Central and Eastern European Forum of Young Legal, Political and Social Theorists

The Central and Eastern European Forum of Young Legal, Political and Social theorists was initiated by a group of young researchers working in those fields at the University of Silesia, Katowice in Poland, where the first annual conference took place in May 2009.

It was the aim of the initiators to change the currently dominant practice of following the paths created mainly in other parts of the world and try to establish a community able to provide a competitive environment for original investigations in the field of legal, political and social philosophy. They were "dissatisfied with the present situation in which we are unaware of what colleagues from our neighborhood are working on" and wanted to stress the intention "of establishing ties allowing us to exchange ideas, leading to independent and original developments." The Forum continues to inspire the exchange of experience and ideas as well as to provide a platform for the development of sustainable contacts and ties among young legal, political and social theorists sharing similar interests, thereby transcending traditional institutional and disciplinary boundaries alike.

The Forum is open for young scholars (doctoral and/or PhD students and post-doctoral researchers) specialising in legal, political and social theory who come from, currently study or work in Central and Eastern Europe, widely understood, including Albania, Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, etc.


The CEE-Forum webpage is available at:

Annual Forum 2018 (3-4 May, Timisoara/Romania)
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